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The original inhabitants of Wyomissing were Indians from the Lenni Lenape tribe who lived along the banks of the Wyomissing Creek. The word Wyomissing is a phonetically derived the Indian name for the area whose exact meaning is unknown, but most likely means "a place of flats" which makes much sense considering how flat Wyomissing is compared to nearby surrounding areas. Much of Berks County was transfered from the Indians to William Penn in 1685. Title to the land that much of Wyomissing is built upon was in two parcels, an eastern tract and a western tract, which were divided by a northwesterly line in the vicinity of Lake Avenue.

Wyomissing 1896In 1896 present day Wyomissing began to take form when Thomas R. Merrit (a Reading lumber dealer) acquired six hundred acres. Albert Thalheimer, David H. Keiser, Marthias Mengel, and Levi W. Mengel joined Thomas R. Merrit in organizing the Reading Suburban Real Estate Company. Shortly afterwords Wyomissing Industries, manufacturer of textile machinery, was established by the firm of Thun & Janssen along the Reading Railroad just west of Van Reed Road (today named Park Road). This spured development and soon there were many developers working to build Wyomissing.

The Borough of Wyomissing was officially incorporated on July 2, 1906 with the first regular meeting of Borough Council being held on September 14, 1906 at the Wyomissing Hotel where Ferdinand Thun was elected president of council.

Wyomissing has since grown and prospered.
Former Wyomissing Borough Hall - built 1908
Former Wyomissing Borough Hall

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